Alarms and Alert Systems

Alarm Clocks

Getting up on time in the morning is not always easy. It’s even harder if you have trouble hearing the alarm. Our alarm clocks will wake you up with lights, sound and vibrations, so you never have to oversleep again.


Visit Alert system

Your home is the centre of your life. It’s where you sleep, it’s where your family lives, and it’s where you feel safe. The Visit system is designed to watch out for your home so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones. So when you’ve got your hands full, Visit will help you to keep tabs on ringing phones, babies crying, simmering pots and buzzing doorbells.

The Visit system can be customised  to your needs by selecting a transmitter together with a receiver. You can choose any combination as long as you use one of each.

For your convenience we also offer packages that are complete systems, ready to install and don’t require any electrical wiring or technical expertise.

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Alarms to wake you up in the morning

Clocks with bed shaker that are guaranteed to get you out of bed on time.

Telephone or mobile phone detection packages

Stay in touch with your loved ones. In today’s global society, family and friends are living in all corners of the world. Then it’s good to know that your dear ones are just a phone call away.

Visit tells you when you receive a call or message and helps you to stay in touch with the ones you care about the most.

Know when your guests have arrived at your front door packages

When the doorbell rings, the transmitter signals a receiver of your choice. The Pager’s gentle vibrations, the Flashes strobe light or the Portable Receiver’s sounder will tell you that your guests have arrived.

Meet the Transmitters

The wireless transmitters detect the sound, alert you to fire or if pressed, send a signal to your choice of receivers

Meet the Receivers

Everyone’s taste is different, and one-size-fits-all doesn’t always fit you. That’s why we created a family of receivers that work seamlessly with each other, your home and your lifestyle.

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