Hearing Loops & Hearing Augmentation

No One Knows Hearing Loops Better

ClearaSound (formerly Printacall) has been at the forefront of hearing technology since its inception as one of the first Australian companies specialising in assistive listening and augmentation systems.

In Hearing Augmentation, our sustained research and development has changed the way Hearing Loops are designed, tested and installed, ensuring maximum operating efficiency and efficacy. Our proprietary “No-See” methodology for wooden floors reduces the time and impact of installation in existing buildings, even in the most challenging environments. In new constructions, our unparalleled expertise means we get the job done right in the shortest time, minimising interruption to other tradespeople and reducing overall costs.

Our extraordinary expertise includes employing hearing impaired Technical Consultants, so we understand hearing technology from every possible angle.

No one knows hearing augmentation better than ClearaSound.

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