Bellman Visit Loud Door Bell Package


Bellman™ Visit Portable Receiver and Bellman™ Push Button

A Super Loud Doorbell for people who can’t hear the normal door bell. The Bellman™ Visit Door Bell Package includes a wireless push button and portable chime with volume control. Includes batteries and is easy to install yourself. Because it is portable and battery operated you can take the Portable Receiver anywhere in or around the home to ensure you never miss a visitor.

The Bellman™ Visit Portable receiver provides an adjustable audible tone, and can be connected to the other Bellman™ Visit Transmitters for Telephone, Smoke Alarm and Baby Monitor.

A built-in red indicator light also flashes when a signal is being received. Volume can be adjusted from 0 to 90dB SPL.


*Trademark of Bellman and Symfon AB,Sweden

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 14.8 × 10 × 22 cm


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