Phonic Ear Field Loop


Installation cost additional

A ClearaSound field room loop system brings the sound to you

A field room loop enables a person wearing a hearing aid with a T switch to access the sound from a TV, radio or other equipment via the loop amplifier. The loop system minimises distracting background noise from within the room and from outside and provides clarity of sound.

The volume of sound from the TV or radio through the room loop to the user is at a more natural level. The whole family can enjoy the sounds of entertainment without uncomfortable noise levels.

Free to move around the room within the loop…

The user of the room loop is free to move anywhere within the looped room and enjoy the sounds at their individual volume level, without interfering with other people. No messy wires, to listen through the loop, switch your hearing aid to the T switch anywhere inside the loop system.

We can Install the room Loop for you or you can install yourself

Call us to discuss the installation cost.

How do we install the room loop?

We install a loop amplifier, run a cable around the room selected by you, and connect the loop cable to the purpose built amplifier. A microphone is placed on the speaker grille of the TV or radio or connected direct to the equipment by a suitable connection, if available. A portable microphone can also be used by the hearing impaired person within the loop area to pick up sound.

In most situations, we run the loop cable around the room under the floor. Installation is neat and efficient. If access under the floor is not possible, other options may be available.

Where is the loop amplifier?

The loop amplifier, which is relatively small in physical size, does not require adjustment by the user once installed. It will sit on top of or under the TV or radio and is easy to operate and attractive in appearance. The user will make the necessary adjustments for clarity of sound and volume through their hearing aid.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 16 × 7.5 cm


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