Sennheiser Neck Loop


For people with hearing aids with a T switch

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Sennheiser Set 840S

RF Stereo TV Listening System for T-Switch equipped Hearing Aid users

Set 840S provides wireless listening whilst sitting in front of your TV, moving around the house or in the yard, delivering excellent sound directly to your ears.

The system is easily connected to a TV, HI-FI system or radio. Sound is transmitted from the receiver to the hearing aid by means of the induction loop and the volume is easily adjustable. Simply turn the large volume control on the neckloop either to the left or right to adjust your sound levels. It’s that easy!

If your TV does not have an AUDIO OUT for direct connection, as most of the new flat screen TVs, you will need a digital/analogue converter.
This is also available from ClearaSound.


  • Receiver is ideal for connection to hearing aids
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Lithium polymer battery technology ensures a long operating time of up to 9 hours
  • Wireless mobility within a range greater than 30m
  • Transmits even through walls
  • Excellent individual stereo sound
  • Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter, optimising speech intelligibility by switchable compression and treble emphasis
  • Treble emphasis can be individually set
  • Large, ergonomic volume control on the receiver
  • Balance control on the receiver for setting the volume for the right and left ear
  • Three selectable transmission channels on the transmitter for optimum reception
  • Auto tuning – automatic channel search tuning can be activated on the receiver

Digital to Analogue Converter & Cable: AU$95.00


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