Uniphone 1150 – please call to order

The Uniphone 1150 is an all-in-one concept, combining a telephone, textphone, and amplified phone. People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or hearing can all share one phone. A full-featured textphone, the Uniphone includes a bright display and a comfortable keyboard with an amplified handset.

It is perfect for making Voice Carry Over (VCO) calls. With VCO, you speak directly to the other person and read their typed responses on the display. VCO calls can be made through a text relay service (National Relay Service), or directly between Uniphone users for absolute privacy.

  •     Volume control for telephone handset (20dB gain)
  •     Direct connect
  •     Call progress (says “ringing” or “busy”)
  •     2-line, 2 x 24-character LCD display
  •     10 speed dial keys
  •     Display with backlight
  •     Combines a TTY and standard phone
  •     Auto-Answer with programmable message with 8k memory
  •     Built-in ring flasher

Please note: you need a standard analogue home phone line with either pulse or tone dialing in order to use the Uniphone 1150. For NBN users, the Uniphone works with a Voice & Data service, plugged into the modem’s phone socket port.

PLEASE CALL (02) 9481 9750 to order

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 31 × 27 × 9 cm


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