Monitors for Baby & Fire

Alarms And Alerts

Your home is the centre of your life. It’s where you sleep, it’s where your family lives, and it’s where you feel safe. The Visit system is designed to watch out for your home so you can focus on yourself and your loved ones. So when you’ve got your hands full, Visit will help you to keep tabs on ringing phones, babies crying, simmering pots and buzzing doorbells.



Keeps Tabs On Your Home

Visit gives you full control of your home and is easily adapted to cater your needs. It offers cutting edge telephone and doorbell detection, reliable baby monitoring and fire protection that meets the highest standards. These packages are complete systems that are ready to install and don’t require any electrical wiring or technical expertise.

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Convenient Smoke Alert Packages:


All round fire detection


Smoke Alert to keep you safe when in bed


Portable, vibrating Smoke Alert for day & Bedshaker for night


Convenient Baby Alert Packages:


Parent day & night Baby Alert to keep you close to your little one


Perfect solution for new parents at night

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