School and Function Equipment

Sound Clarity Affects Learning

How well students hear has an enormous impact on learning outcomes, yet it is often overlooked in educational environments. Find out how our Frontrow™ Soundfield equipment can help make a difference in your children’s education, both indoor and out.


Take Control of your Communications

Bells, Alerts, Alarms, Announcements, Emergency Management, Equipment, Intercom…

See how you can positively affect your school’s character by customising, automating and centrally controlling your entire school communication with the revolutionary Frontrow™ Conductor system – a single platform that allows you to do more than ever before.


New Concept in Sound Delivery

Engage your audience with a Soft Throwable Microphone

Where there’s an audience, there should be audience participation. Whether you want to increase engagement for conference attendees, activate students, or make meetings more fun, Catchbox can help.

Microphone and Speaker all-in-one!

Portable PA you can hold in one hand.

Ultraviolet Microphone Steriliser!

Designed for quick and easy operation, the steriliser fits over a microphone and uses UVC light to effectively kill up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also features ION technology to help deodorise the microphone.


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Powerful outdoor sound with long battery life

In-classroom sound that drives better learning outcomes

Customise and centralise all communication within your school

The world's first soft throwable microphone

New concept portable mike system

Microphone hygiene problem solved

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