Frontrow™ ToGo

The Sound Distribution System

that goes with you


Easy and completely portable


For use in general or education classrooms, conference rooms,
senior centres, training facilities, outdoors and sporting events.
240V mains connected or built in battery power so it goes where you
want, in an easy to use, all-in-one package. The all-in-one receiver and
speaker can be easily moved To Go where you want to teach.
Frontrow™ To Go is a unique active learning system combining
performance, quality, functionality, and ease of use, allowing you to take
the class outdoors for study or play.
Unlike traditional portable sound reinforcement, this system’s simple
easy to set up and operate column speaker directs sound to effectively
increase speech comprehension outdoors.
As well as your standard handheld FM radio microphone, it comes with
an additional hands free microphone – making it the ideal choice for
those with busy teaching hands.

Great for indoor & outdoor soundfield - To Go


  • Reduced vocal fatigue for teachers.
  • Increased clarity of speech improving student concentration, behaviour and performance.
  • Provides good listening experiences outside the classroom maximising learning opportunities.
  • Increases test scores and class participation.
  • Improved attention and behaviour.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Portable, light weight
  • Easy to operate and recharge
  • Team-teaching ready
  • Connects to personal FM
  • Packs away in a black carry bag
  • Affordably priced