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Students’ ability to recognise speech sounds and therefore comprehend what is being taught is decreased by even modest levels of background noise no matter how close they are to the teacher. Numerous speech intelligibility studies show that children in the back row are likely to lose up to 40% of what the teacher is saying!

The issue is worst in young children, who are still building their ability to distinguish sounds. However, the problem may not be appreciated by adults, who are better able to recognise speech in the presence of noise. Frontrow’s Juno stand-alone, and fully installed EZ Room in-classroom speakers overcome this, and so much more.

Capturing and sharing
lesson content is finally easy!

Seamless integration with multimedia and personal FM
Both ezRoom and Juno use Frontrow’s amazing one-touch pendant microphone and can be as basic or advanced as you need. Options include “lesson capture” software, allowing you to record all your lessons for later review, additional student microphones and speakers. Both integrate with personal FM systems for deaf and hearing-impaired students, allowing them to tune in directly to what the teacher is saying, accelerating the learning of all students in the class.

Juno – Portable and Installation-free
The intuitive design of Juno’s LCD touch screen, microphones and software allow you to spend more time teaching. Juno combines the convenience of a portable audio device with the sound quality and educational benefits of an installed system.

ezRoom – Unobtrusive and Emergency Management-ready
With up to 8 superb speakers, enhanced feedback suppression and built-in lighting that works seamlessly with the Conductor school communication system, ezRoom provides great flexibility with all the wiring out of the way.

Stunning stand-alone soundfield - Juno

Fully installed soundfield - EZ Room

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