Bob Miller

As Secretary of Erina Community Men’s Shed and an Elder of our church, I was asked by the Senior Pastor of ECBC to cost and install a hearing loop system for our church in February 2017.

I approached a few companies and found that Printacall (now ClearaSound Pty Ltd) to be the best overall cost. This primarily because their quote was to cover the whole church, not part as had been previously suggested and that the original under the concrete system did not work satisfactorily.

In a matter of only two weeks after accepting the quote, Printacall installed our new system which is an under-carpet system. The results are superb. Several people in our congregation that struggled to hear the sermons before, are now receiving crystal clear sound.

The other suggestion we took up from Printacall was to use voice only and not instruments through the new system. This proved to be very successful in removing background noise.

I would be very happy to recommend your organisation to any new client for the following reasons.

  1. Overall cost.
  2. Clarity of the unit.
  3. Under carpet installation.
  4. Timing of installation.

Warm Regards. BOB MILLER – Elder ECBC and Secretary ECBC