I’m a convert to ‘Conversor Pro’. I’m a 91 & a half years old war vet amongst other things. I have Meniere’s Disease (severely affecting my hearing) and Macular Degeneration (severely affecting my vision). I have all sorts of aids and devices for eyes and ears but my favourite is ‘Conversor Pro’.
I am writing to you because my unit is so fantastic. It has helped me at weekly Bible studies, Church services, funerals, in restaurants, shops and at meetings like my monthly orchid society meeting. I even used them on the bus when the Orchid Society went to an orchid show.

Thank you for the helpful service you people gave my daughter and myself when we arrived at your office close to closing time one wet evening in the winter and then again the next night when we arrived late to collect my new jewel ‘Conversor Pro’. – GORDON