CatchBox Lite

Designed for 21st century learning!

Make your next class lesson, Conference, Meeting or Lecture more engaging and fun with Catchbox. Simply throw the soft wireless microphone and see the difference!

Catchbox in Education

Make lectures & school class room learning fun and engaging by getting everyone actively involved in the discussion.

The playful nature of the colourful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood in class. Easy to throw to anyone at a moment’s notice, the Catchbox ensures all students are actively thinking about the learning material. This not only increases knowledge retention, but also develops critical thinking by encouraging students to formulate answers and arguments in case the box happens to land on them.

By amplifying sound and acting as a speaking totem, quiet students are also given a voice that isn’t drowned out by louder participants.

Catchbox in Events

Asking questions from the audience is easy and fun, even in crowded and packed settings.
People don’t come to events just to get information – that’s what email, youtube, and the internet is for. Instead, they attend to share knowledge, learn from their peers, and to ask important questions from industry thought leaders.

Faster than a normal mic, Catchbox allows not just for more questions to be asked, but also makes it easy to include Q&A and discussion into the middle of a presentation.

Catchbox in Meetings

Hosting an event all-hands or a workshop? Catchbox breaks the ice and gets attendees talking.
Designed for participation, as opposed to presentation. Easy to throw from one person to the next, the tool encourages discussion and allows even the quietest participants to speak up and be heard.

9 out of 10 people reportedly daydream during meetings, when people are not mentally present, there is no point having a meeting in the first place.

Meetings tend to be too formal and serious, killing creativity by discouraging people to speak up with wacky ideas or comments. This means no new ideas are going to be created.

Light & Soft – The combination of durable foams and technical fabric ensures that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the electronics or the person catching.

Active Automute Technology – The Catchbox Lite senses motion of the device and temporarily switches off the audio when the Catchbox is caught, thrown,or dropped.

Magnetic Locking – Catchbox Lite is equipped with a unique magnetic locking mechanism which ensures that the inner capsule doesn’t pop out when the device is thrown.

Plug and Play – The Catchbox Lite is easy to set up and connects to any sound system using the audio adapters provided with the product.

Professional Sound Quality – Catchbox Lite was designed first and foremost to have great audio quality. Not only has the frequency response of the mic been optimised for speech, but the special construction of the device eliminates all handling noises.