About Us

As our name suggests, we’re passionate about clarity of sound!


  •  3.6 million Australians (and rising) suffer from some form of hearing loss,
  •  Our children struggle with poor sound quality in their learning environments, adversely affecting their learning,
  •  Ambient noise levels are increasing in our cities and towns, we source, supply and install the best technology to make life sound better.

Whether or not you have a hearing aid or cochlear implant, our assistive listening devices help you to hear what’s being said in noisy environments or public venues, on the telephone, television, radio, and be aware of alerts and alarms with ease. Try our revolutionary Product selector to see how.

ClearaSound is also Australia’s leading specialist in the design and installation of hearing loops and hearing augmentation systems which may be installed in the home, office or public venue, enabling a person wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant with a T Switch to receive sound direct from the audio loop system, cutting out background noise.

With up to 50% of children complaining that learning is difficult due to noise and distraction in classrooms, we provide technology to improve what children hear, affecting their attention, retention and learning levels in the classroom. We also provide centralised systems that easily control all bells, alerts, alarms, announcements and emergency management procedures for schools.

Clearer sound, better life!