T1V Collaborate Anywhere

Evolve to real engagement and collaboration – anytime, anywhere, any device!

Whether you’re teaching, creating, planning or developing, T1V ’s incredible technology makes your participants part of the action, no matter where they are in the world. Now you’re able to share, annotate, arrange, interact with multiple pieces of content, from multiple devices, from multiple locations in real time, and much, much more.

Engaging Education – T1V Thinkhub

Supports active learning across the range of teaching and learning styles, from traditional lecture to team-based learning. Students can share their workings, collaborate on solutions, create and study together like never before. The solution also connects satellite classrooms, campuses, and remote participants to improve access for students and teachers.

T1V Story

Your history, your brand, your story.

Deliver one-of-a-kind, WOW experiences to your customers, staff and students. From large-scale multitouch, multiuser interactive timelines, geographic maps, and branded modules, our multitouch, multiuser products elevate your brand and surpass the norm. Perfect for your Reception, Experience Centre, Customer Briefing Centre, Alumni and Visitors Centre, etc.

ThinkHub room

Helps teams collaborate across a range of disciplines. Through wireless device sharing, built-in apps, an annotation toolset, and more, ThinkHub allows for effective collaboration for both instructors and students in one solution.

Great for brainstorming and ideation sessions, presentation creation and delivery, prototyping, architecture + design planning and management, remote collaboration and working sessions, strategic planning and data visualization, agile improvement processes and iteration plus virtual selling.

T1V Key Features

Total Connectivity
Enable all devices and displays to be connected to one another for seamless interaction between instructors and groups.

Built for BYOD™
Supports all student devices through BYOD connectivity. Whether you bring a macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, or Linux device, you’re ready for class.

Software-based Solution
Total flexibility to layer on new features as released,
to control software versions across rooms, and to reduce room downtime when updates are required.

Instructors can use the Instructor Station(s) as both a presentation or lecture tool, monitor and broadcast Student Station activity, and broadcast content to Student Stations.

Untethered Teaching
Instructor Tablet™ gives instructors the freedom to access and control content on the Canvas from anywhere in the room.

T hinkHub Dock™
Instructors have the ability to add ThinkHub Docks to ‘park’ content all around the learning environment.

Hybrid Learning
Engage hybrid instructors and students via TlV app and ThinkHub MultiSite™ for a connective education experience.