Functions and
multi-purpose spaces

Make yourself heard much more clearly at your venue

From sound reinforcement systems to concert quality, we have you covered

Make the most of your multipurpose or event space with smart technology and ensure its upkeep for years to come.

Seamless transformations

Easily shift between all-hands meetings, trainings and customer presentations.
Few organizations have the square footage for large spaces exclusively designed for one meeting type.

Seamless Audio

Our technical team will develop an audio solution based on your space, budget and requirements. From function rooms to multi-purpose rooms, we leverage modern technology to provide quality coverage for all your attendees.

Our audio systems are designed with industry best-practices in mind. We take into account the room layout, any required flexibility (like the ability to host panellists or single-speakers), as well as the infrastructure and building materials and how they interact with sound.

Flexible Microphones

Your space may need to turn from a presentation to group video call.
Quality audio is paramount in both instances for in-room and far-end user experience.


Flush mounted ceiling speakers or wall and floor mounted stacks will optimize balanced and reinforced sound throughout your function space.

Powerful Visuals

Powerful screens and projectors play a critical role in AV presentation.
As trends continue towards natural light and large windows in auditorium, the selection of projector brightness and contrast is critical for the customer, staff and student experience. Our designers take into account the distance from the farthest viewer, natural light, and artificial light to recommend screen sizes, different projector technology and ease of use.