Meeting Rooms

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Corporate Meeting Rooms

Now, more than ever, organizations understand the importance of conference room microphones and speakers to keep pace with their growing and expanding operations.
The perfect meeting room experience provides a hub for collaborative group work, both for those in the office and those virtually. The well-designed meeting room should be adaptable for your users, accommodating the use of personal devices and walk-in-and-use technology. This can include, large presentation screens for connecting remotely and collaborative work and the provision of access to crystal clear audio.


Wireless microphones offer multiple benefits and flexibility in placement, allowing users to easily place the microphones anywhere in the room to best capture participants. The wireless microphone allows the presenter free movement and this system can easily be added to as needs arise.


Audio distribution can be the difference between a great and awful conference room experience. Everything from speaker type and placement to acoustic treatment plays a role in how sound travels around your meeting space. While a soundbar may be a perfect fit for a small huddle room, a pair or more of loudspeakers might be a better fit for a large space for full team meetings.
By using multiple speakers in a large conference room you evenly distribute sound to all participants. Using more speakers creates a balanced sound over a greater area, resulting in lower total output because all speakers are close to users. With evenly distributed sound, you can avoid having preferred seating in your conference room, ensuring everyone can hear everything no matter their location.

Acoustic Treatments

A good microphone and quality speakers are only half of the equation for creating perfect conference room audio. Acoustic treatments complete the picture. Without them, sound bounces in every direction, neighbouring offices complain about the excessive noise, and sounds from outside the conference room permeate into your space, distracting the entire team during important meetings.
Acoustic solutions fix all of the above problems, but only if carefully designed and installed by an acoustic expert.

ClearaSound is in collaboration with a purely dedicated acoustic company, who are leading the development of textile manufacturing and technology, creating holistic sound scaping solutions with architectural interior acoustic products.