Hearing Loops

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Hearing Loops

Hearing Loops or Audio Frequency Induction Loops are systems that allow for wireless transmission of sound to hearing aids or cochlear implants with a telecoil setting. 
A hearing loop system consists of a special amplifier and a coil of wire placed around the room in precise formation. Signals from the amplified sound source (e.g. microphone, music, tv, etc.) are sent through the coil which emits a magnetic field in the room.
The field is picked up by the “T” switch, amplified, and converted back into sound. Hearing aid users sitting within the hearing loop system can pick up the amplified sound without reverberation or background noise.

Hearing Loops are suitable for Public Spaces where issuing receiving devices is not possible eg train stations, stadiums, public service counters.  

Hearing Loops for Hire

ClearaSound provides a full Hearing Loop Hire service for conferences or seminars, allowing your participants with T-switch-enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants to hear what is being said. We can deliver, setup, pack up and return the equipment for one or more days in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Special arrangements can also be made for rural or interstate hire – please contact us for details.

You can choose to connect to your audio-visual system directly or be provided with radio microphones for connection to the hire loop. We can also provide a portable PA where sound reinforcement is needed.

Typically the hire loop will cover an area of 8m x 15m, but bigger areas can be covered if required.

Booking a loop hire is easy, just give us a call or send your details via email. Payment is required 7 days prior to your event.

Any questions call our friendly staff – we’ll be happy to help.

Hearing Loops Installation, Service and Repair

With 40 years of experience, our team excel in designing and installing hearing loop systems, guaranteeing that your project not only meets all regulatory standards, but also addresses the unique needs of your users. 

To guarantee the ongoing optimal performance of your hearing loop system, our team is readily accessible for comprehensive maintenance site testing. Whether you prefer a one-time booking or an annual visit, we are here to ensure your system remains in top condition.

We often receive inquiries from contractors who have accidentally damaged the induction loop (foil) tape, our team are specialised in repairing the loop, and ensuring its optimal functionality.

Hearing Loop Listener

With every Loop we installed or Loop Hire, a Loop Listener is provided for testing. The Loop Listener is an easy‐to‐use, low cost testing device with two functions in one. It can be used as a basic test device or as a loop receiver and can be purchased separately.