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Sight vs Sound

When it comes to learning, what’s more important –
sight or sound?

Of course, the answer is both!

Different subjects rely more on one sense than the other (think Music vs Visual Arts); teachers have their own pedagogical preferences; students have varied sensory acuity…

So when it comes to audio-visual systems, the most important thing is flexibility. Technology needs to support learning across a wide range of requirements and add to the experience, not detract. It needs to assist student engagement, improve classroom environments and enhance your school’s reputation. And it needs to be easy to use.

ClearaSound has been designing better learning environments for over 20 years.

  • Audio Visual 
  • IP-Based Bell and Emergency Systems
  • Hall PA and Projector Packages
  • In-class Soundfield systems
  • Interactive Monitors
  • Portable Sound Solutions
  • Large Area Hearing Loops
  • WHS Compliance

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