Bellman Maxi Pro with Bluetooth


Depending on accessory choice


NECKLOOP for hearing aid or a cochlear users with T-switch


The complete listening solution

Maxi Pro with Bluetooth brings out the words so you hear them loud and clear, even when there’s a lot going on in the background. Maxi Pro Bluetooth is a complete listening solution that connects your mobile phone and tablet, so you can enjoy your favourite show and chat with your friends or family without having to leave the couch.
Connects to smartphones and amplifies both the ringtone and the caller’s voice. You no longer have to ask your friends to repeat themselves. Helps to hear conversations around the dinner table!  Just place in front of the person you are talking to, and it will clarify the speech so you hear it loud and clear.
Choose to listen with headphones, earphones or via hearing aids using a neckloop. The neck loop transmits the speech to the hearing aid that refines the sound further before it reaches your ear.
Features large tactile buttons, soft grip materials and high contrast indicators that make it really easy to handle. Ideal choice for people with tremors, limited vision or low dexterity. Connects with a tablet, PC and Bluetooth music system, so you can stream your favourite songs and video chat just as loud as you wish.
An excellent complement to hearing aids in busy environments. Clarifies speech and filters out disturbing noise before it reaches your hearing aids, making it easier to get the words right. Works with all T-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear implants (neckloop Required).
User-friendly, fully digital, clear and noise-free sound Bluetooth 5.0.


Get back in the conversation with the built-in microphone hear every word clearly, through headphones, earphones, or your hearing aids via a neckloops (bought separately).

Enjoy mobile phone calls with friends and family ringtones and callers’ voices are louder, so no more missed calls or asking people to repeat themselves

Listen to the music you love on Bluetooth-enabled devices

Give your hearing aids a boost in busy environments the personal amplifier clarifies speech and filters out noise before transmitting sound to your hearing aids

Easy to hold, easy to use thanks to the large volume and tone control buttons, soft-grip materials and high-contrast indicators

Never get caught out with the flashing low-battery indicator light.


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*Trademark of Bellman and Symfon AB,Sweden

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 10 × 22.5 cm
Earpiece Type

Neckloop (For T-Switch), With Earbuds, With Headphones


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