Bellman Visit Pager



Notifies you with vibrations and a lighted symbol when a transmitter is activated.

The Bellman™ Visit Pager receives signals from the Bellman™ Visit transmitters and alerts you by using a range of different vibration and light signals for the various different alarms.
By using the Pager, it is possible to move around freely in your home or into the garden and still be reached. The Pager is small enough to be put into a pocket or be attached to the trouser band and unlike the Bellman™ Visit Bed shaker, it does not have to plug into another receiver to work.

Want to make using your Bellman™ Visit Pager even simpler. Why bother with batteries when you can purchase the optional charging base and let your Bellman™ Visit Pager recharge over night. Furthermore with the Bellman™ Visit Pager Charger you have the ability to attach the Bellman™ Visit Bed shaker for while you sleep!

*NOTE: the Bellman™ Visit Pager requires at least ONE Bellman™ Visit Transmitter to operate.

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*Trademark of Bellman and Symfon AB, Sweden

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 15.5 cm


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