School Wide PA and Bell System


Flexible Campus Scheduling and Communication

Whether it’s establishing a schedule for routine commands or preparing for disruptions, from late start days to true emergencies, Conductor empowers you to communicate clearly and to keep the situation under control.

More flexibility when you need it

Conductor enables schools to have flexibility in their bells, scheduling, and communications. Whether you’re dealing with disruptions or emergencies, Conductor helps schools communicate clearly with students and staff.

From the office to around the school

Conductor brings all of your AV devices, bells and paging, and audio into one system.

The software enables admin staff to make announcements, trigger emergency alerts, set bell schedules, stream music, and more — all through one easy-to-use program.

Get more with less

Conductor makes it simple by using the existing wiring in your school’s network. This eliminates the need for multiple systems and redundant wiring.

Through the software, IT and admin staff can easily manage bells, paging, and AV systems — minimising the need for outside technicians.

Conductor Features

A properly-programmed and implemented Conductor system lets you control or communicate practically anything across the school.

Identify zones in your buildings with a few mouse clicks — say, all 3rd grade classrooms, the second floor hallways in the science building, and so on. Then make pages to any or all of those zones over your network. If you one day need to change zones to reflect a new arrangement of classrooms, Conductor makes it a job of a few seconds — no need to call in a tech to rewire your PA.

Pre-record a daily message from the principal to play at a scheduled time, leaving the principal free to be engaging with staff and students elsewhere on campus.

Establish your standard bell schedules with a variety of tones and set them to run automatically.
If you need a late start day due to weather, for example, it takes only a few clicks to shift the schedule.

Emergency planning
As part of your emergency planning, program Conductor with a powerful alarm button for the situations you want to be prepared for. For example, hitting the button for an intruder alert, can play a distinct audio alarm to all zones, display an evacuation map on all projectors and digital signage, and play clear, pre-recorded instructions over the speakers. For a lock-down, with a single command, you can simultaneously lock all doors against an intruder, issue an automated announcement about what’s happening, send digital alerts off-campus, and more.