Qball PRO – The Mic you can Drop, Toss and Roll

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Catch every word in class!

Qball PRO gives everyone a Voice and a chance to participate in a fun and exciting way!

Explore the innovative solution for enhancing engagement across different environments, including video conferencing, hybrid learning, and recording. The Qball PRO, is a throwable wireless microphone, crafted to elevate your communication experience across a range of scenarios.

Here are some helpful tips to use the QBall to build a positive classroom community:

Relationship Skills – The Qball clearly helps students reinforce and practice interpersonal skills such as: ensuring eye contact is made before tossing it, calling out a classmate’s name before passing the Qball, and learning how to provide positive, constructive feedback when responding to peers.

Self Awareness – Teachers note that the Qball is such an engaging tool for students that they find themselves begging to have the chance to express their goals, ideas, and what they need to be successful into the wireless microphone!

Social Awareness –  Morning Meetings are transformed by students using the Qball to amplify their voices. They listen deeply to each other because they can hear each other so much better. This means learners are better able to attend to each task and respect each other when they have the Qball to use.

Self-Management –  The Qball helps create a classroom culture where students are engaged, enthusiastic, and respectful of their peers. Students are so excited to roll or toss the Qball to a peer that this “21st-century talking stick” pulls students attention and focuses them on the work at hand.

Responsible Decision Making –  The Qball wireless microphone provides a tangible motivator for students. With the Qball in hand, students find themselves enthusiastic to discuss and bring multiple solutions to a variety of problems!

The Qball is simple to set up and use! Simply connect to a portable speaker, existing audio system, smartboard & projector, or any powered speaker with a 3.5mm (AUX) port.

The Qball is the most affordable Sound Enhancement, costing only half as much as its competitors. Plus, the Qball is a fun way to engage your students (and protect your teachers voice!)

Qball Pro Setup Guide

Upgrade your communication and engagement with the Qball PRO – TODAY!


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